We can repair your laptop screen.

We can drive to your home or office address with On-Site Tech Support or you can bring your laptop to one of our local computer repair shops for an In-Store Tech Support in Miami, Florida and a laptop technician can provide you with your laptop screen repair services. During the laptop screen repair process, you will get the best technical solutions to fix your laptop screen issues. Let our Simple Solution Tech laptop technicians help you by repairing your laptop screen, so we can give you reliable and precise technical results you can only get in Miami, Florida from us.

We also offer computer technical support services through Remote Tech Support, which requires us to perform a Computer Diagnostic Service to make sure nothing else is wrong with your laptop beside the cracked screen.

You just need to have an Internet connection and give us access to your computer.

On-Site Tech Support

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Remote Tech Support

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In-Store Tech Support

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For more information call us at 786-233-2002 or visit us at our local Computer Repair stores.

*Service Price is the separate price from the new parts provided during each Laptop Screen Services. 


All of our Simple Solution Tech services can be purchased through the "Buy Now" button directing to you a third-party payment website through PayPal. Providing you the option to pay with your PayPal account or pay with a Debit or Credit Card without a PayPal account.

Why fix your laptop screen?

This is one of the most important tech support solutions for any laptop with a cracked screen. Laptop Screen Repair service allows our laptop technicians to direct you to the best affordable new parts to replace any laptop cracked screen, so you can have peace of mind that there is no other computer virus problem affecting the computer operating system recommend as well a computer diagnostic service before any laptop screen repair. It will provide you with a clear picture of the current laptop hardware and operating system condition and if required any additional solutions for your laptop and guarantee that the service that you receive from us is the right tech support solution(s) you will need.


The laptop screen repair service is executed by computer technicians with certifications and decades of several computer technical laptop screen solutions provided and the average time we take is between 2 to 6 hours or 4 days for most complex cases simply waiting for the new parts to arrive. All hardware and software components are tested to check on the current condition of your computer after all repairs are completed before it is time to finalize the computer tech support service.

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​2520 Coral Way 

Suite 2 #19

Miami, FL 33145

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​13876 SW 56 Street

Suite 255

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