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Actualizado: 13 de abr de 2020

Simple Solution Tech, it is our goal during the COVID-19 matter to continue to serve our clients wherever possible while protecting our technicians and performing our social responsibility to minimize the spread of the disease. 

With this in mind, we have expanded on our current repair options to give our clients the ability to reduce the contact they have during the repair experience to their status relief. 

Remote Support Repair

We Go To You Virtually Online

We are providing Remote Support repair service program so we can complete your repair wherever you need us to be.

To schedule a repair with a Remote Support Repair:

  • Fill out the form requesting a repair

  • A Simple Solution Tech, a certified technician will contact you quickly to confirm the cost for your repair, share available repair options, and schedule your appointment time. 

  • All you need is a good Internet connection.

  • Then just sit back, relax and wait for the Remote Support technician to connect onto your computer online.

Curbside Repair (drop-off/pick-up)

We are offering at the curb (sidewalk entrance) Drop-Off Repair check-in for clients who won't have to enter our repair location(s) and remain in their vehicles. 

To arrange Drop-Off Repair check-in: 

  • Call first at (786) 233-2002

  • Then you can make an appointment or just drive over at the off-site repair location we will provide you by phone.

  • Give us a call when you arrive in the nearest parking area and provide your vehicle information we can locate you outside the entrance of our off-site location.

  • Simple Solution Tech's certified technician will be out to assist you within 5 minutes.

Mail-In Repair

We are also giving our clients the option to mail their device to an off-site repair location. Your device will be repaired, sanitized, and mailed back to you in a few days. but we are taking extra precautions to ensure a sanitary environment for both our technicians and the devices in our care. 

To arrange a Mail-In Repair:

  • Fill out our repair options form.

  • Pack your device well and mail it to our off-site repair location we will provide you over the phone.

  • We will call you when we receive your device to confirm a price prior to starting the repair and to take payment over the phone.

  • We use gloves when handling your electronics. 

  • We use sanitizing wipes to clean your device when we receive and return it.  

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